Top 10 Best Camera Apps for Android 2018

Best Camera Apps for Android-One of the essential hardware component that we all are looking today in smartphones is the Camera. This is has become a big deal for many companies, and also customers are more attached to the camera. Especially in android market, it has become a challenge for manufacturers to focus on the camera sector. By default, the camera application provided with the phone might not enable you to use all the options and restrict to only some. In such cases, if you are looking for alternatives then this is the right place you have arrived for best camera apps for android.

Best Camera Apps for Android

Best camera apps for Android

Best camera apps for Android

We have included a list of top 10 best camera applications with our personal opinion and features available in them, so without any due let us check the list!

1.  Google Camera

Best camera application for all types of necessities is Google Camera app. This comes with a very powerful combination of options; this is my personal pick for all smartphones running Android OS. For everyone who is obsessed with selfies are given with a selfie timer feature. In case you don’t have a front flash this will help you in dark, changing exposure over object that we focus is easy, HDR pictures looks very crispy, faster burst mode photos, even though if your phone doesn’t have any dual camera now with this app you can take blurred effect photos easily. This is best android camera app for 2017 and the highlight feature is taking 360 degrees and panorama shots which come very professional. Tweaking photos after shots to add effects are an easy and faster-rendering process.

Cardboard Camera
Cardboard Camera
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

2.  Candy Camera

My next personally used camera app for selfies is Candy camera. This has the best filters for all self-obsessed people to beautify your pictures. With the recent updates, you have the big library to explore to add more filters. Making collages is also easy with this app; also you can take multiple photos collaged within one as multiple shots with timer options. This is best android camera app for 2017 also add your emotions by using stickers on your photos.

3.  B612 – Selfiegenic Camera

If you are looking for dog, cat and another panda filter for your face and make your friends jealous with your cuteness, then B612 is your best option on play store, this has the best selfie camera options also with after photo effects. This app was a buzz in late 2016 and beginning in 2017. Some awesome features like making comic of your photos are recently added, and this was a hit. Believe me; this will be the enjoyable app for everyone who is interested in photos.

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4. Prisma

I bet you have already used this app, didn’t you? This is too late for you to try. One of the best photo filtering application of 2017 and camera in this increases and gives you more options than ordinary pre-installed camera app. Things that made Prisma stand out from the crowd is the filters library which was not present until its release and gave a very new refreshing look to your photos that was not seen before. Even if you forgot to click a picture from this app, you can access from the gallery and add now and directly share on a social media platform. My personal favorite filters are THE GREAT WAVE and CARIBBEAN.

Prisma Photo Editor
Prisma Photo Editor

5. Cymera

This is a generous camera and photo editor that is similar to Candy camera and B612 camera application but is fast and smooth and easy to use, beatifying photos are now much easier with Cymera, and this was a big hit after its launch. You can add stickers, text, emoji’s, faces, etc. into the picture. This is rates as best selfie camera application according to the users. You can make collages, click multiple photos and become creative.

6.Camera Zoom FX

For those who want to take a photo like pro must definitely try this application. Taking full advantage of the camera hardware that is present in and we have many manual options to align photos in the grid, apply background blur effect, and take full HD photos. Tweaking images after taking them and editing the photos is fast and easy.

Developer: androidslide
Price: Free

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7. Camera360

You may not be an expert in taking photos but have a great choice of making your photos beautiful then; you must try camera360. This is very beautiful and smooth application that will take you to a completely different dimension of editing photos. You are just late to name the feature; you have got most of all options for you to try. I got tired of exploring the features that are available. My other personal favorite application is camera360. Available on Play Store for free, starting from Android 2.3 and later versions.

8. Open camera

As the name suggests, its open place to explore all the options for camera and gives you the best shot of all pictures that your default camera app lags. You may find the UI boring and missing editing features but the actual need here is the output of the photos which comes excellent using this camera application even in your budget smartphone. For a raw footage of all photos or videos, I suggest this application.

Open Camera
Open Camera
Developer: Mark Harman
Price: Free

9. Retrica

This is the father of all camera applications which got inspired and developed from this. Retrica is one such old application that still delivers the best options for its users, and my old personal school feels camera app which I used from my childhood. Now Retrica has added same features that you expected already, and they might be late in the race but this application runs smoothly and fast and easy to click photos.

Developer: Retrica, Inc.
Price: Free+

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10. Manual Camera

The Manual Camera as the name tells us offers free flow manual control Android camera shooting platforms, works well for devices running Lollipop and later versions of Android. The app uses natives Camera2 API over which it has been designed, by this, we can conclude that majority of the audience can use most of the features with higher probability. The manual controls like ISO, shutter speed, focus distance, geo-tagging, timer, grids, etc. are available. This is the best DSLR camera app for android.

Final words

So, guys, we have shared top 10 best camera apps for the Android smartphone. Now you can download the best camera android apk on your device and take awesome pictures with your smartphone. Also, these apps give you more and more options to customize images.


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