Best Extra Torrent Proxy & Unblocked Mirror sites 2019

 Hello, guys now I am going to say about an interesting topic. You all like to download and watch the films from the popular website torrent, but it is currently blocked in some countries. Torrent set up in 2008, and it is the most disputable site. Yet, the clients and individuals can share uninhibitedly and can download music, motion pictures, and diversions for nothing of cost for every one of the locales on the planet.

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      But the authorities are hunting down this website due to supposed copyrights issue. The US government succeeded bringing the down the KAT area. The KAT was restricted in 2016 by US government even the intermediary servers of the deluges were evacuated. Numerous downpours fans are stunned and frustrated by hearing this news as they can’t download any pilfered duplicates.

extra torrent proxy

extra torrent proxy

         After that EXTRA TORRENT had taken center stage, it is also one of the best websites to download the HD MOVIES. But not for too long, currently this website is also in offline mode. Don’t worry guys here I am going to give you the mirror links of EXTRATORRENT so that the website will be unblocked and you can use the amazing website. If you are here to know about this beautiful topic you have come to the right place. Here I am going to give you the mirror links and going to say much more about this application.


      First, let me say about what is the extra torrent? EXTRA TORRENT is one of the best torrent sites, where you can easily download HD movies, songs not only movies you can also download games, books, software, anime from this amazing site. You can download anything free. It is also free to use. You can easily search and download the movies and TV shows.


    Extra torrent has terrific features; it is very useful for many users. But the only thing is it consists of mostly pirated things. Many of the users use this site to download large files faster. Here are the features of EXTRA TORRENT.

    • You can freely download movies, songs, books, anime, and software for free of cost.
    • You can easily search by using search engine, and you can download in an easy way
    • No signup is needed
    • It is free to use
    • It is safe to use
    • It is blocked in some countries but with the help of mirror links and proxy servers you can easily unblock and use this site.
    • It is very easy and smooth to use.
    • It is very fast so that many of the people download larger files.
  • Use the torrent client like utorrent to download the files from torrents.


      Let me what are these mirror links as most of the people are not aware of these. Mirror links refer to those websites which content from another website. If the mirror links are blocked, then the Proxy servers come to rescue. With the help of these sites, you can access the main mirror sites by using different servers and domain. Mirror link just reflect the content of the original site.

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     Unfortunately EXTRA TORRENT is blocked in most of the countries, but fortunately, with the help of mirror link, you can easily use this site even this site is blocked in your country.

  You can use the proxy server or mirror links, if you are using proxy server automatically, it hides your IP address and your location.

   But, if you are using the mirror link make sure you must connect to a VPN. As it is a pirated copy it is illegal to use. VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between the user and internet. It changes your IP address and your location so that you can easily access the torrent sites.

   Many of the torrent sites are permanently blocked as they contain mostly pirated copies, but EXTRA TORRENT is a powerful site which is currently working with the help of mirror links.

  The good mirror links unblock the EXTRA TORRENT and help you to access the site. But there are some fake links which will the site is permanently not available, make sure that you are using a good link.

   That’s it!! Please stay away from the fake links and enjoy the working of EXTRA TORRENT.

Best Extra Torrent Proxy Sites List 2019

Extratorrent Proxy- List



https://extratorrents.chVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.worldVery FastWorking
https://extratorrents.unblockall.orgVery FastWorking
https://extra.unblocked.lolVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.cdVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.unblocked.stVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.unblocked.reFastWorking Very FastWorking
https://extratorrent.bypassed.stVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.agVery FastWorking
Proxy 1FastWorking
Proxy 2NormalWorking
Proxy 3Very FastWorking
Proxy 4Very FastWorking
Proxy 5FastWorking
Proxy 6FastWorking
Proxy 7 Very FastWorking
Proxy 8Very FastWorking
Proxy 9Very FastWorking Working
https://extra.cdNot Working
https://etproxy.comNot Working


    Most of the countries blocked this site as it contains the pirated copy. Extra torrent is currently blocked in

    1. United Kingdom
    1. India
    1. Turkey
    1. Pakistan
  1. Russia


    Many of you wanted to use EXTRA TORRENT to download the songs, movies, TV shows, books, etc.; but because of some reasons, it is blocked in some countries. But with the help of the mirror links which give you can safely use this site if it is banned in your country also. Be safe with the fake mirror links, to know about the site if it banned or not just click on the below link.

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