Kodi Chrome Cast: How to install & Use kodi as chromecast

                                         KODI CHROME CAST

     Hello, guys now I am going to say about an interesting topic. Many of you have smart TV’s where you can easily access the Netflix, Amazon prime with low cost. By installing the chrome cast with the Kodi is also one of the best streaming software’s where you can easily play the videos from your phone to your TV without any wired network. It helps you to save your money.


kodi Chromecast

kodi Chromecast

  Let me say you what is the chrome cast first, Chrome cast is a Google media device, with the help of chrome cast you can grab the video from your phone and play it directly on your TV with the help of Wi-Fi. You can play any high-quality video with the help of chrome cast.

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   Let me say what Kodi is. Kodi is free open source software which is designed for the home entertainment. You can watch all the movies, sports and TV shows for free. It was created by Microsoft Xbox. It can turn any smart phone, TV or any computer into the set of a box.


  • It will improve your Kodi experience
  • It saves you money because it is very cheap to use
  • It turns your smartphone or your computer into Kodi box.
  • The biggest advantage of using the chromecast with Kodi is you can take full advantage of your media hardware.
  • There are many streaming websites but chrome cast with Kodi is the cheapest way and it gives you can best experience


It is very easy to chromecast with Kodi follow the instruction carefully. Here is the step by step procedure to chromecast with Kodi.


Step 1: Firstly you need to download and install 3 applications on your device Kodi, Es file explorer, and player factory core.

Step 2: Now just go to Es file explorer and click on setting and then tap on display settings. Make sure that “SHOW HIDDEN FILE” is selected

Step 3: Now make sure that Kodi media center is connected to Kodi app.

Step 4: Now go to the folder where you downloaded and player factory core apk and copy it.

Step 5: Now go to Android>Data>org.xbmc.kodi>Files>.kodi> here look for the data folder. Now paste the player factory core.xml file in this folder

Step 6: Now just go to the Kodi application and search for the video you are interested. Now it will automatically launch the localcast app. It it asks you for local cast or chromecast you just select local cast. Now it starts loading for some time.

Step 7: Once the loading is completed it will ask you to play and choose the device to stream. Now your video will start playing connected with chromecast.

METHOD 2: Easy and simple method

Step 1: Open the chrome cast app on your android device. Open the menu and select “CAST SCREEN/AUDIO”. For connecting to chrome cast follow the instructions.

Step 2: Now open the Kodi, and just select the video you are interested to play.

Step 3: Now it will start the streaming of video on your both devices. Here the disadvantage is the battery consumption will be very high and you cannot lift the call or off the screen.

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    Here is the method of turning Kodi tv into a chromecast. Follow the instructions to turn your Kodi tv into chrome cast.

  • Now open the Kodi tv and go to settings of your Kodi tv Go to System>Services. Enable the Remote control
  • Go to settings and note down the id address of your Kodi tv.
  • Now install the core Kodi remote app on your smart phone at the below link.

   Download Now

  • Open the link, it will automatically scan for your Kodi TV
  • Now connect to the Kodi tv from the remote application and go to any video link and play any video you wanted to watch.
  • Now it will show you many option select “PLAY ON KODI” by this method you can easily play the video on your tv even if your smart phone is turned off.


  It is not much difficult to stream Kodi on your pc, follow the instruction to stream the Kodi to chromecast.

  • Download the chromecast and Kodi on your pc.
  • Install chrome and chromecast casting extension from the chrome store.
  • Open chrome and select cast option from your chromecast extension
  • Now you can see “CAST THIS TAP TO..” on the right, you can see a down arrow click on it and select “CAST ENTIRE SCREEN”
  • That’s it!! Once this is done the entire desktop would be displayed on your tv. You can watch any video by opening the Kodi.

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    Steaming of chromecast with Kodi gives you the best experience on your tv. There are many software where you can watch tv shows, movies and sports but this method is very cheapest such that you can save the money and you can easily play the video you are interested. Now please move on guys just follow the above instruction such that you can give a direct connection to your tv from your mobile in a short way.

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