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  Torlock Proxy-Hello guys now I am going to say about the interesting torrent site TORLOCK, we all know that torrents are such an amazing application where we can download movies, songs, etc. for free. Torrents have established in 2008 and it is the most controversial website in the world. But the users and people can share freely and can download music, movies and games for free of cost for all the regions in the world.

      But the authorities are hunting down this website due to supposed copyrights issue. Unfortunately, the US government succeeded taking the down the KAT domain. The Kickass torrent was banned in 2016 by the United state gov. even the proxy servers of the torrents were removed. Many torrents fans are shocked and disappointed by hearing this news as they cannot download any pirated copies. 

Torlock Proxy sites

Torlock Proxy sites

     But we still had the torrent sites which are currently running, TORLOCK in one of the popular site where we can download movies, songs, books, etc.; similar to torrents. But it is blocked by many of the countries doesn’t worry guys you can still use this site with the gives mirror links and proxy servers. IF you are here to know about TORLOCK you have come to the right place here I am going to give you the best and top mirror links where you can easily access the site if it is currently blocked in your country also.

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Firstly let me tell you about what is TORLOCK PROXY? Torlock proxy is a famous Torrents site, where you can easily download movies, songs, TV shows. Not only that but you can also download games, books, software and much more. It works similarly as torrents where you can simply download any larger file with a single click. But hold on guys you cannot directly access this site as it is blocked in many of the countries as it displays mostly the pirated content on the website. But with the help of mirror links, you can easily access this website.

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   Yes, guys, most of the people use this application as it has good features, it is similar to torrents. You can easily download the files. Here are the features of TORLOCK.

You can easily download movies, songs, TV shows, games and much more for free of cost with the help of TORLOCK.

If you have slow internet connection, also the downloading process would be faster similar to the torrents

Similarly to the torrents if your system is suddenly turned off your download does not start from the beginning.

You can easily search by using search engine, and you can download in an easy way

No signing up and signing in is required.

It is free to use

It is very faster

It is safe to use, but sometimes it can cause harm to your system.

Use the torrent client like utorrent to download the files from torrents.


   Most of the people do not aware of this mirror sites, in the simple words MIRROR SITES are the complete copy of the original WebPages or websites under a different URL. These are mostly used to relieve the traffic on the server. These are located in different countries for the usage of people. With the help of these sites, you can access the main mirror sites by using different servers and domain. Mirror link just reflect the content of the original site.

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   Unfortunately, torlock is blocked in many of the countries, but with the help of mirror links and the proxy server, you can easily unblock the torlock.

   There are two processes for you to unblock torlock.


      The most common method which is followed by most of the people is using the mirror sites. But you must require VPN (virtual private network) to hide your IP address and your location. As torlock contains pirated content, it is illegal to use in the country. With the help of VPN, you can easily change your IP address and location. So that now you can use TORLOCK if it is blocked in your country also.


         With the help proxy servers, you can easily unblock the torlock. Proxy servers are useful to hide you IPE address and location. It is used to access the blocked website in your country easily. You can use the free and premium proxy servers.

    So when you access torlock with the help of a proxy server, your request is sent to the proxy server. Then the server fetches the website and unblocks the TORLOCK.

  That’s it!! You can easily access the torlock by the above methods, But click on the good link so that you can easily access this website if you select the bad links they will show that the website is permanently not available.

Best Torlock Proxy Sites List 2019

https://torlock.unblocked.vcVery FastOnline fastOnline fastOnline FastOnline fastOnline
https://www.upload.partyVery fastOnline
Proxy 1Very fastOnline
Proxy 2FastOnline
Proxy/a>Very fastOnline
ProxyVery fastOnline


   The following are the countries which have blocked the access of torlock

  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • India
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Netherlands


    Many of you wanted to use TORLOCK to download the songs, movies, TV shows, books, etc.; but because of some reasons, it is blocked in some countries. You can safely access this site with the help of gives mirror links and proxy servers if the site is blocked in your country also. Please download a VPN when you are using the mirror links as it is illegal to use in your state. Please avoid the fake links and enjoy the features of TORLOCK. To know about this site whether it is banned or not in your country just click on the below link.

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