YIFY Proxy – 20 Working YIFY Proxy & Unblocked Mirror sites {2019}

Yify Proxy 

Yify Proxy mirror sites-If you have a great exposure to the internet world and if you have done downloads using torrents or any other related service to it, then you might have encountered with this name. YTS (popularly known as Yify) is one such website that has the biggest library of files containing almost all movies from previous past till date. I myself find downloading videos from online is a mess at times. In general, I find for source torrent file using search engines and lookup for right file, and this will eat up the entire daytime. For a person who isn’t that familiar with all these can simple visit websites like Yify mirror proxy sites wherein all are provided without faking and right content with alternatives at times.

yts mirror sites

yts mirror sites

Yify Proxy Unblocked Mirror sites

YTS is widely popular for providing high-quality videos with synopsis and subtitles as well, which you may not find for every torrent source provider at present on the internet. This website offers a very wide range of movies categorized with tags and easy to find the required movie. Using the torrent application on your computer you would generally do these download, and in order to gain the torrent file, you may have to look up for torrent files. All such torrent files based on use are available for free and fast to download based on the peers and seeding.

Yify Proxy mirror sites

Yify Proxy mirror sites

In recent past there was one such website named aXXo, well not anymore they also did the exact same thing by uploading the all the possible latest releases on internet world. Back then the internet wasn’t used this wide range. Although next in 2009 came up with Yify. Even today if you use the official torrent websites then you might have come across this name. Having said that, let’s get started with the exact matter. 

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What is the backstory of Yify?

At a point where Yify got into the roots of people mid who regularly use torrents, there was a sudden shut down from October 2016. Then many sources and news articles came up showing that the company itself went into losses and slammed a billion-dollar lawsuit against Yify in New Zealand region. This was the cased due on the account of copyright infringement trade. Which probably wasn’t surprising and finally after a lot of government excise the founder (whose identity got public later) had shut down the company. One such case also occurred last year with KAT website founder due to the leaking of high made software’s, movies and several on his website.

Why do we use Proxy servers?

I bet most of you probably would have heard this word “proxy” for a several time but actually don’t know the meaning. Proxy is internet world is nothing but another computer pretending to be other by conventional meaning of proxy. So proxy computer works as a hub to process the entire multiple user’s requests. So as you can see from the picture mentioned it makes it very clear that proxy server is collecting all the request data from several users and transmitting them to an actual server. By this even if that particular website has been blocked by your ISP/government you can access. Also in few cases, for users to hide the actual IP addresses they might use this proxy technology and this will increase the performance and more security for user end. Unnecessary attacks from hackers can be avoided in few cases.

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Not only while using such website we can also make use of this procedure while we do a normal internet surfing for being on the safer side and avoiding cyber attacks.

Yify Proxy & Unblocked Mirror sites

Yify Proxy sitesSpeedStatus
https://yts.ag/Very FastOnline
https://yts.unblocked.pub/Very FastOnline
https://yts.gs/Very FastOnline
https://yts.unblocked.team/Very FastOnline
http://www.yify-movies.netVery FastOnline
https://yifymovies.me/Very FastOnline

Legitimately no one is allowed for accessing such kind of websites. Many of the international organizations that fight for piracy and many other online trafficking are against such websites. And with the help of government organizations, naive users aren’t allowed for using these web services. Anyhow with our intelligence, we can use technologies like VPN and Proxy for overcoming these barriers.

So the trouble for downloading favorite movies is at the same place. Also, another technique is making use of mirror websites. Although many times we don’t recommend using them as the majority of them would be fake and even if they provide the correct service it will crypto jack clients device which is a serious case.


In a nutshell, as discussed above, we have seen about things such as what is Yify, what are the reasons that made us to find alternatives, technologies involved for getting over these restrictions and finally the alternative websites itself. So for any movie, trailer, TV shows and any of other movies on demand can be found on Yify/YTS for free at high quality including the descriptions and subtitles for them.

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